Understanding Alabama's DUI Laws

A DUI costs a person between $5,000 and $10,000 in Alabama. The DUI process requires years to complete, should an actual conviction be made, and it be found there isn't reason to dismiss certain administrative or criminal penalties. Alabama has elasticity in that it's one of the few states that doesn't have explicit mandates increasing penalties dependent on Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) at arrest.

Understanding Administrative Penalties

If there's an arrest involving a DUI case in Alabama, the DUI process stipulates a mandatory suspension of license for ninety days. If you want a hearing about that impending suspension, you've got to request one from the Alabama Department of Public Safety within ten days of your arrest. If you don't submit for a hearing, you'll be without a license for ninety days.

Oftentimes a court mandates substance abuse assessment--usually aimed at alcohol consumption--including screening and treatment. A good attorney may be able to get these things withheld, but it's on a case by case basis.

A bit of good news, though: your vehicle won't be confiscated, and you won't be required to install an interlock device during a first conviction, severely curtailing the cost to you.

What Criminal Penalties Are Involved in the DUI Process?

If it's your first offense, you're looking at a misdemeanor ruling with a maximum sentence of one year's incarceration. There's no minimum incarceration period mandated. Thankfully, in the majority of cases, resolution happens without incarceration once the inciting arrest and booking have taken place. That isn't all cases, though.

Fines are going to run you between $600 and $1200, depending on the case. This doesn't include alternative sentence arrangement fees/fines.

Once the smoke clears, a conviction will remain on a person's record for five years. The primary reason for this is to implicate that individual in further DUI incidents, should they occur.

An Attorney Is Necessary

Taking on the system by yourself will cost more over time, and it's not recommended. A good attorney knows the ins and outs of the legal system and can get criminal and administrative penalties reduced or eliminated.

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