How to Find the Most Qualified Attorney For Your Case

If you're looking for an attorney in Alabama, there are a few things that will let you know immediately whether or not a given lawyer is worth your time.

Consultation Fees

If there's a consultation fee, that lawyer isn't worth your time. An attorney knows the value of his services, and can provide that value in such a way clients are able to appreciate it. A legal firm that does consultation fees is one of two kinds: it's either a low-end operation that doesn't have a solid track record of successfully winning cases for clients and needs the financial insurance up front, or it's a multi-million dollar conglomerate that only caters to high-powered clients and doesn't have time for the kind of case you're bringing to the table. Be sure there's no initial consultation fee.

Areas of Coverage

Look for an Alabama attorney that covers more than one kind of injury claim. A law firm that specializes in a number of different cases will be more well-rounded; they'll be better-suited to win. There's nothing simple where negligence has facilitated an injury. You can be sure the defendant in such a proceeding will do everything in their power to avoid paying a settlement. From insurance companies to dog owners, recovering damages requires legal representation that is aggressive and qualitative.

Final Charges

This one can be tricky, but the best legal firms are so confident in their services, should they deign to take on your case you'll only be charged a fee in the event said legal firm is able to secure an award for you. Otherwise, there's no cost. That is one of the surest signs of cogent, dependable legal representation.

A Dependable Firm

One firm that handles a variety of different personal injury cases, doesn't charge a consultation fee, and only collects in the event they've won their plaintiffs an award, is Maloney-Lyons, LLC. Their main areas of concentration include personal injury, airplane accidents, medical malpractice, and auto accidents. Maloney-Lyons, LLC also takes on a variety of cases involving:

  • Wrongful death
  • Insurance bad faith
  • Nursing home abuse
  • Dog bites
  • Large truck cases
  • Spinal cord injuryTraumatic brain injury

Maloney-Lyons, LLC has some of the most trusted attorneys in Alabama. They work on behalf of clients to secure the awards they deserve. No one chooses to be injured, and it's only right recompense be secured.