What to Bring When Consulting an Attorney Mobile Alabama Firm

The better you prepare for your first consultation with an attorney Mobile Alabama firm, the smoother your visit will go. One crucial element of your preparation should be gathering the documentation that affects your case. Use the following checklist to help you gather the necessary information and paperwork before your appointment with your Alabama lawyer:

Names, Dates and Contact Information

  • List of all the people that you talked to about your claim, your accident, or the injuries you sustained
  • Names and addresses for medical professionals, doctors, witnesses, police officers and other individuals with information about your case
  • Contact information and documentation from the appropriate insurance adjustor and insurance company
  • Dates of the incident/accident, missed work, and hospital visits

Paperwork and Documentation

  • Accident report or other paperwork from law enforcement
  • Copy of your insurance policy and coverage relevant to your attorney Mobile, Alabama, advisor
  • Correspondence regarding the incident
  • Bills resulting from the accident or incident
  • Receipts for any things you purchased because of the accident

Questions for the Professionals

  • Ask about the type of outcome you can expect for your specific case
  • Discuss alternatives to a legal claim
  • Talk about the expected time requirements for the case
  • Get specific information about the fees
  • Ask about the costs associated with the case

Your preparation before the case can speed up the legal process as you provide your attorney with vital information right up front. Call Maloney-Lyons, LLC now at (800) 809-3669 or (251) 433-4440 to schedule a free consultation with an attorney.