Drunk Driving Facts That May Surprise You

Driving under the influence has serious consequences. It can cause serious injury and death. Those convicted of DUI face major repercussions, including serving time in jail. Below are some drunk driving facts from the DUI accident attorneys at Maloney-Lyons LLC that paint a grim picture of how dangerous this activity is.

It Happens More Often than You Think

Drunk driving facts can be alarming. DUI crashes are responsible for nearly 10,000 deaths and hundreds of thousands of injuries every year. The average drunk driver will get behind the wheel impaired 80 times before they are caught. These statistics demonstrate how common it is for drivers to operate a vehicle while under the influence.

Legal Ramifications

For drivers under 21, there is a zero-tolerance policy. This means no alcohol is permitted in the system while driving. For adults, the legal limit is .08 percent blood alcohol content. Depending on the state, consequences could include fines, losing your license, or going to jail. However, between 50 and 75 percent of people who have had their license revoked or suspended as a result of DUI continue to drive anyway.

People who have been injured as a result of a drunk driving incident should seek legal advice. Personal injury attorneys can provide aggressive litigation and work with the impaired driver’s insurance company to get victims the compensation they deserve for their injuries. Drunk driving facts do not lie: Every 90 seconds, someone is injured in a drunk driving accident. Seeking the help of an attorney can help the injured get the compensation they need to recover from their injuries and move on with their lives. Call (800) 809-3669 today for a FREE case consultation with an experienced Mobile personal injury attorney.