Some of the Serious Effects of Brain Injury

In the United States, nearly 1 million people are diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) annually. Most incidents of TBI are the results of some sort of accident. They can also be the result of a physical assault. Some of the effects of brain injury include physical, mental and emotional problems that can be temporary or permanent. At Maloney-Lyons, we help victims of brain injury seek compensation for their medical bills and other physical and financial losses.

What Are the Symptoms of TBI?

Any brain injury is a devastating diagnosis. Not only does it mean pain for the patient, it can also mean lasting or even permanent damage to the brain. Mild cases of TBI can have symptoms including headache, confusion, passing out and memory problems. In more serious cases, patients can have seizures as well as trouble with speech. Sometimes patients can even become paralyzed after a brain injury.

Which Professionals Should TBI Patients Consult?

The following are professionals who are important for TBI patients to see after their injury:

  • Neurologists can diagnosis brain injuries through a series of tests.

  • Neuropsychologists help to design rehabilitation plans.

  • Occupational therapists help patients re-learn functions lost.

  • Lawyers help patients and their loved ones to get the compensation and medical help they deserve.

What Can TBI Patients Expect Long-term?

The long-term effects of brain injury vary greatly from one patient to another. Some of the factors that contribute to prognosis are the location and nature of the injury. Injuries to the central nervous system rarely see the same success rates when it comes to recovery as do injuries to other parts of the brain.

The effects of brain injury can be traumatic and devastating. Patients should be sure to get the medical attention they need. They should also seek the legal advise of an experienced lawyer. Call Maloney-Lyons at (800) 809-3669 today to discuss your traumatic brain injury case with a personal injury attorney from our firm. We help victims of all types of brain injuries get just compensation for their losses.