Big Business & Slip and Fall Claims: What You Need to Know from Mobile AL Attorneys

 When you slip and fall in a public place, you can reasonably expect compensation for your injuries. If you have been injured because of a fall, you might face some difficulty getting compensation from large retailers. In addition to immediately contacting Mobile AL attorneys with experience in this type of case, you should also consider some of the following steps:

  1. Gather Evidence of the Link between the Fall and Your Injuries
    You should have plenty of documentation to show the extent of your injuries. Just don’t forget that you and your lawyer will need to show that those injuries are the result of the accident you experienced in the retail establishment.
  2. Show That the Retailer Knew about the Dangerous Conditions
    In order to obtain proof of the situation, you may take photographs of the area, gather reports from witnesses to the accident, and seek access to video surveillance. Finding testimony from people who were also injured in the same place can be a valuable tool in showing that the condition had been existing for some time.
  3. Stick to the Facts
    It may be tempting to exaggerate the incident or the extent of your injuries. This tactic has a tendency to backfire in personal injury cases. Consult with your Mobile, Alabama, lawyers to determine the actual facts of the case.

Work closely with your Alabama injury lawyer to prepare your case. As you carefully follow their advice, your chances of being victorious in your case against big business will increase. Attorneys have the experience and resources to positively affect the results of your claim. Call Maloney-Lyons-Lyons, LLC now at (800) 809-3669 or (251) 433-4440 to schedule a free consultation with an attorney.