Determining the Need for a Mobile Birth Injury Attorney

From the moment a couple learns they’re expecting, they start making plans for the life they plan on sharing with their new baby. Yet should complications arise during the birthing process, those plans may change in the blink of an eye. Birth injuries can have a drastic impact on the course of a baby’s life. Depending on the severity of the injury, that baby may require lifelong care, which can be both a huge financial and emotional burden on parents.

Do They Have a Case?
Luckily, parents dealing with the aftermath of a birth injury have help that they can turn to. A Mobile birth injury attorney can assist them in bringing action against those they believe to be responsible for their baby’s injuries. The question that many often have is whether or not they even have a legitimate claim over which they can pursue action. Thus, before speaking with a Mobile birth injury attorney, parents should ask themselves the following questions in order to determine if they have a case:

  • Do they suspect if any of the clinical staff involved in the antepartum, delivery, and postpartum care may have contributed to their baby’s condition?
  • Did their clinicians and/or the facilities where they were treated meet the accepted standard of care?
  • Were there any noticeable complications with the delivery process?
  • Were they made aware of both the mother and baby’s conditions during the entire delivery process?

By working with a Mobile birth injury attorney, parents are provided with the chance to earn the sort of compensation that will help relieve some of the stress involved with a baby’s upbringing following a birth injury.

Knowing whether or not one has a valid case to pursue such compensation will help expedite the process all the more. For more information, contact a qualified personal injury attorney at Maloney-Lyons LLC. Call us now at (800) 809-3669 or (251) 433-4440 to schedule a free consultation with the experienced Alabama personal injury attorneys at the firm.