Information to Give Your Mobile Car Accident Lawyer

Once an auto accident occurs, things like insurance policies, contact info, and other items must be passed along to your Mobile car accident lawyer to ensure the best possible outcome for litigation. Doing so will allow an attorney to ably plead your case, no matter the circumstances at hand.


Any Information Collected at the Scene


It's important to exchange information with all associated parties at the scene. This typically includes things like name and address, as well as insurance info related to existing coverage. In order to provide a more detailed view of what took place, any information collected at the scene must be given to your attorney.


Photographic Evidence


Thanks to modern technology, taking pictures at the scene of an accident is easier than ever. Such pictures can provide greater insight for your car accident lawyer, from illustrating the position of the vehicles to pinning down an exact location. This information may prove integral to the overall success of your case.


Existing Insurance Policy


Your attorney will also need to see verification of your existing auto insurance coverage. This will be helpful for determining coverage limitations, as well as establishing what you may be entitled to when it comes to recovery.


Preparation Is Key to Winning a Case


While the above information is key, there may be other items necessary to winning an auto accident case. By keeping an accurate record of of events, your car accident attorney will have the information required to ensure all guilty parties are held responsible. Call Maloney-Lyons, LLC now at (800) 809-3669 or (251) 433-4440 to schedule a free consultation with a car accident lawyer.