When to Contact a Mobile Personal Injury Attorney

No one ever anticipates a debilitating injury. Thus, few are ever truly prepared with the knowledge that they need to know what to do in the wake of such an event. Most probably assume that being compensated for medical expenses, lost wages, and/or decreased earning capacity is as simple as filing an insurance claim and waiting for the compensatory checks to start coming. Anyone who maintains such a belief may be quickly disappointed to learn that insurance companies aren’t keen on paying every claim that crosses their desks. Without taking immediate action following an accident, one runs the risk of being left with no help when it comes time to pay the bills.

Knowing When to Take Action
Knowing this, here’s a few tips on when one might need to contact a Mobile personal injury attorney after an accident has occurred:

  • Always contact an attorney if the accident resulted in a fatality.
  • If the fault for the accident has yet to be determined, a Mobile personal injury attorney can help ensure that the amount of liability one assumes is legitimate.
  • Should initial police reports point the blame in one’s direction, he or she will need an attorney to challenge those reports.
  • If one has insufficient insurance coverage or no coverage at all, he or she needs the help an attorney can provide if there’s any hope of earning compensation from another party.

Knowing what to do following an accident and which Mobile personal injury attorney one can turn to may just be the difference between a quick and easy resolution to his or her accident claims or having to endure a lengthy and costly battle with an insurance company. The more one knows, the better prepared he or she will be.

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