Mobile Toxic Mold Exposure Attorneys

Toxic mold can be found in any type of building, and can reduce property values dramatically. Certain types of mold are toxic to humans, including stachybotrys or "black mold." Symptoms of toxic mold exposure can include prolonged cold or flu-like symptoms, frequent headaches, bloody noses, skin rashes, chronic asthma, allergies, chest pain, pneumonia, joint pain, or even liver damage. These symptoms may not develop until months or years after exposure. Repeated daily exposure to toxic mold, such as employees in an office building, children in a classroom, or tenants in a mold-infested apartment complex are at the highest risk of toxic mold poisoning. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you receive fair compensation for your toxic mold exposure injuries.

Mold not only causes health issues, but also can cause extensive damage to your property or personal belongings. Some contaminated items may be cleaned, but the procedures used to clean toxic mold contamination are costly. In the worst cases of mold contamination, the property must be discarded altogether. If your property was damaged by mold contamination, you deserve compensation for the value of lost property. Often, contaminated property cannot be replaced, such as photographs or family heirlooms. In these cases, you deserve compensation for the sentimental value of the property lost, as well.

Causes of Toxic Mold Growth

Mold requires moisture to flourish. Therefore, negligent maintenance or construction, plumbing leaks, roof leaks, window leaks, and drainage problems can cause mold to grow. Because mold remediation is very expensive, landlords and building owners often put off correcting known mold growth, causing anyone who enters the building to be unnecessarily exposed to toxic mold. If you have been exposed to toxic mold because of the negligence of another, you need an experienced toxic mold attorney to handle your case.

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If you or someone you love has been exposed to toxic mold, you may be experiencing chronic health issues which have caused you to miss work and incur thousands of dollars in medical bills. The experienced toxic mold exposure attorneys at Maloney-Lyons, LLC can answer all of your questions and help you get full compensation for your injuries. Call (800) 809-3669 today to discuss your case with an experienced Mobile personal injury attorney. We handle toxic mold exposure cases in Mobile, Prichard, Chickasaw, Tillmans Corner, Theodore, Saraland, Satsuma, and throughout the state of Alabama.

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