Figuring Out Personal Injury Insurance Claims

Individuals who are filing personal injury insurance claims are often concerned with how much money they’ll receive for their injury. Not only will they need money for medical expenses, but they also might need money to pay household bills and meet other financial obligations if they’ve had to take time off of work because of their injury. In order to receive the maximum amount of compensation for your injury, you might be better off working with a professional attorney instead of dealing with the insurance company on your own. Insurance companies are big businesses with the resources to do everything possible to keep money in their pockets rather than in yours.

What Compensation Covers

The amount individuals receive for personal injury insurance claims may go to cover medical costs, lost wages, destruction of property, emotional stress, long-term physical disabilities/scarring/disfigurement and missed opportunities that resulted from the injury. The basis for how much you can receive for personal injury insurance claims is determined first by medical special damages. After that, general damages, such as pain and suffering, are taken into account and added to the claims. If the injuries aren’t too serious, the original medical costs for the injury are multiplied by one or two. In cases involving serious injuries, the medical costs might be multiplied by more than ten.

Before settling your personal injury insurance claims with an insurance company, consult with a qualified personal injury attorney at Moloney-Frost, LLC first and see if you’re getting as much as you can for your claim.