Ways to Insure the Best Personal Injury Settlements

Most personal injury settlements arise from negotiation, not court verdicts. This can be an advantage to you, as an attorney's contingency fees increase as cases advance. Also, an earlier settlement means you can leave the experience behind sooner and enjoy your compensation.

While there is no guarantee that early negotiations will produce a fair settlement, there are steps clients can take to help that process along. Follow these tips to put your claim in the best light possible while your attorney and insurance carrier discuss possible compensation.

  1. Attend Your Doctor Appointments
    Few things devalue a personal injury settlement quicker than patients not receiving regular medical care. Keep in regular contact with your doctor and attend all appointments. If you are unable to make one, call and reschedule it immediately. By showing a commitment to recovery, you will help your case settle for the highest amount possible.
  2. Be Truthful From The Beginning
    Do not exaggerate symptoms. With medicine advancing, claims that are not backed by objective evidence can fail quickly. Do not manufacture facts about your accident either. If there is some question of fault, let your attorney know from the start so he or she can consider strategies while handling your matter.

    Credible plaintiffs always fare better than those who present as prone to embellishment. Let your attorney handle any shortcomings in your case, and do not try to hide unfavorable facts.
  3. Cooperate Fully
    Sign medical and employment releases requested by your attorney. If these are mailed to you with a self-addressed stamped envelope, attend to them immediately and mail them that day, if possible. Delays can be flagged as suspicious by insurance companies, so when a matter regarding your case arises, give it your full and immediate attention.

The same applies when you receive calls or email about possible settlements or your attorney requests documents. By acting on these requests as soon as possible, you will not only preserve your credibility, but you may also reach a good settlement quicker.

Personal injury settlements depend heavily upon a lawyer's skill, but they also rely on a client's behavior. Take your treatment and case seriously by being aware and cooperative throughout the process. Your reward may be a great settlement and conclusion to your matter.