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Motorcyclists face increased risks in accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

The best way to avoid getting injured or killed in a motorcycle accident is to become a stellar defensive driver who is always focused on identifying hazards, riding safely and doing everything in your power to avoid an accident. 

The fact of the matter is that motorcyclists pass away at six to seven times the rate of those in other automobiles when they get involved in accidents. The odds of suffering injuries in a crash, which may be catastrophic, are about five times as high. 

These statistics speak to some very real truths about riding a motorcycle: It can be dangerous and the odds of an injury are high. Critics of motorcyclists will point to excessive speeds or reckless driving as the reasons for that increased risk, but that’s not it. The heart of the matter is a lack of protection. The motorcycle is small and offers no protection at all in a crash, so a rider depends on things like a helmet and a leather jacket. They can help, but the stats show it’s just not the same as the safety offered by a car. 

Remember, even a safe motorcyclist can get hit by another negligent driver. It’s unfair to blame riders based on some stereotype about speeding and riding dangerously. They face these elevated risks no matter how they ride because the risk is simply higher in any accident — even ones caused by drunk drivers, distracted drivers and inexperienced drivers. 

If you ride, you need to understand the potential dangers that you face and the pictures that these numbers paint. You also need to know what legal rights you have if you suffer catastrophic injuries in a crash or if you lose a loved one