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Make a claim if you’ve been hit by a drunk driver

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2020 | Drunk Driving Accidents |

The last thing you expected to deal with today was a serious crash because of a drunk driver. It’s the middle of the afternoon, so you never would have expected someone to be driving drunk. Unfortunately, as you turned onto the street in your residential neighborhood, another vehicle sped toward you and hit you head-on. The driver was drunk. Even though you weren’t traveling quickly, the angle of the impact and impact itself was enough that you hit your head, had all the airbags in your car deploy and are now sitting in a hospital room. 

When you’re injured by a drunk driver, it’s fair to want to make them pay for what they’ve done. After all, they have totaled your vehicle, left you with broken bones and injuries that may affect you in unknown ways. 

After you’re hit by a drunk driver, be thorough in your claim

Once it’s clear that the driver was intoxicated and they’ve been arrested, you will have a great opportunity to file a claim and seek the maximum amount of compensation you can receive. You don’t necessarily have to wait for a conviction, but know that you may have an easier time getting what you ask for if their negligence and reckless actions are already proven.

That drunk driver is facing criminal and civil charges. As the person who was hurt, you have every right to see them held responsible for every penny possible. Their actions were reckless and endangered you and others in your neighborhood, so it’s worth seeking a claim to hold them accountable. Our website has more on the steps to take next.