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How can truck drivers reduce the risk of a crash?

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2020 | Trucking Accidents |

If a truck hits you, then chances are you will end up in the hospital or mortuary. However well-built your car and however many air bags you have, it is unlikely to cope with the impact of a vehicle so much larger.

Thankfully, most truck drivers are highly skilled. However, some are not so good or are impaired or fatigued. An online site for truckers acknowledged this and released a set of safety tips to help truckers avoid some of these common reasons for causing a crash:

  • They were going too fast: Drivers may break speed limits to meet deadlines imposed by the trucking companies or to get home sooner. Allowing sufficient time is essential.
  • They did not check properly: Despite their trucks being full of mirrors, semitrucks have substantial blind spots. Drivers must allow extra time to double-check their path is clear before changing lane or turning. They must also carry out thorough vehicle checks before setting off. They need to be sure their tires are at the correct pressure, and the load is secure, among other things.
  • Failing to route plan: A driver who knows where they are going will spend less time distracted by satnavs and road maps or on the phone to find out where their next delivery is. They should do their route planning when stationary. Doing so also reduces the likelihood of straying onto smaller residential streets, putting other road users at risk.

If a semitruck has injured you or a family member, you will be facing considerable expenses. An experienced attorney can investigate why the collision happened and whether the truck driver could have avoided it happening with better preparation or consideration for safety.