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Why can’t children ride in the front seat?

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

You know that you’re supposed to have your children ride in the back seat of the car. This obviously starts when they’re in a car seat or a booster, but many parents don’t even allow children to ride in the front until they are teens. Why is this?

The most dangerous seat

For one thing, the majority of car accidents involve damage to the front portion of the vehicle, so these two seats are the most dangerous and carry the greatest risk of serious injury. While that’s true for adults as well as children, adults can’t avoid that risk while driving. Children can, so it is best to put them in a position where, if an accident were to happen, they would be most protected.

The airbag issue

Another issue is that the airbag was never designed for a small child. It was designed for an adult. This means that a small person is more likely to be injured as the airbag hits their head and neck area. The very safety device designed to reduce injuries can actually cause them if children are situated in the front passenger seat.

Injuries can happen anywhere

Keeping your children in the back seat can help them stay safer in an accident, but injuries can happen no matter where you sit in a car. If you or your children get hurt in an accident another driver causes, you may be able to seek compensation.