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Are your outdoor spaces ready for hurricane season?

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2021 | Catastrophic Personal Injury |

Hurricane season put everyone in the Gulf region on edge. Storms can crop up in a matter of days and cause damage to houses, the environment and even municipal infrastructure.

While Alabama does not always get hit with the same number of storms that Florida experiences, plenty of homeowners in Alabama will learn that their properties are in the path of an oncoming hurricane or tropical storm each year.

You probably do your best to maintain the exterior of your home, including your roof, windows and siding, to minimize storm damage. You may also need to hurricane-proof your yard, pool and patio areas.

Secure or remove outdoor items when possible

Everything from the outdoor eating tent that you put out on the patio to keep the bugs away to your grill could be at risk during inclement weather. The high winds common with tropical storms or hurricanes could pull up items, tip them over or even throw them off your property.

Not only could the specific outdoor items suffer damage, but they could also cause damage to your house or other nearby structures. Moving items inside, closing them up or anchoring them if you have nowhere to store them can protect them and your home from damage.

Drain some water out of your pool before the storm

Your pool cover won’t stop water from accumulating and could wind up blowing around if it comes loose. Experts recommend that rather than trying to cover your pool or spa, you drain some of the water to make room for the upcoming downpour. Lowering the level by about a foot can accommodate very heavy rains.

Document your yard before hurricanes hit to assist with insurance claims

If you just spent the last three months turning your outdoor spaces into your own personal paradise, storm damage from a hurricane could undo all of that work in just a few hours, possibly costing you thousands of dollars.

If you want your homeowner’s insurance to cover those losses, you will need to have documentation about the money you spent and the condition of the yard and home both prior to and after the storm. Navigating hurricane coverage claims may require both patience and persistence so that you get the compensation you deserve.