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Internal injuries after a wreck could be deadly

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2021 | Catastrophic Personal Injury |

Immediately after a car crash, your adrenaline takes over, and if you do not have apparent injuries, you may think everything is fine. After all, you cannot see any evidence of harm, like broken bones, bruises or blood. However, it’s not all that meets the eye, and you could be a victim of internal injuries.

As the name suggests, these injuries occur internally, which means that they are not initially apparent. This explains why you need to seek medical attention following a crash, even if you feel fine.

Types of internal injuries common to car wrecks

The kind of injuries you suffer following a crash depend on the severity of the accident. Trauma plays a big part in most internal injuries, which vary according to the body part affected. They may include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Broken or fractured ribs
  • A ruptured spleen
  • Organ damage which may affect the kidney or liver
  • Internal bleeding

What makes internal injuries deadly is the delay in getting treatment. By the time victims visit the hospital, the damage is already done, and sometimes, it may be too late to undo it.

Symptoms to look out for after a wreck

The tell-tale signs of internal injuries vary per person. Most people experience dizziness, especially for head injuries, lightheadedness, nausea, tenderness or swelling around the site of the injury, or even pain. These signs might not even show in some cases, but the effects will always manifest later on.

Compensation for internal injuries

Some internal injuries may come with a great deal of non-economic damages such as emotional pain and distress, besides the medical costs involved in treatment and rehabilitation. As such, it is essential that you protect your legal rights by ensuring you are adequately compensated for all the damages you suffer. 

If you’ve been seriously injured, it is only fair that you get the justice you deserve. Filing a claim for compensation is your right.