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How many uninsured drivers are on the Alabama roads?

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

You know full well that many drivers aren’t very safe or smart on the roads. They don’t use their turn signals, merge recklessly and drive aggressively, often at unsafe speeds. You know to watch out for people demonstrating aggressive and reckless driving behaviors because they could cause a crash.

Unfortunately, you can’t everyone who puts you at significant risk on the Alabama roads. You won’t be able to tell from outside, for example, whether a driver has insurance on their vehicle. When uninsured drivers cause wrecks, the people hurt in the crash often have few options for paying their bills.

How many uninsured drivers are actually out on the Alabama roads?

Uninsured drivers are a significant safety concern

Despite state laws mandating insurance coverage, drivers all over the country sometimes forget to pay their policies or intentionally cancel their insurance coverage to save a few dollars. They will continue to drive without active coverage. When they do that, they put everyone else at risk because there won’t be any protection if those uninsured drivers cause a crash.

Your chances of getting struck by someone without insurance are higher in Alabama than in most of the rest of the country. Alabama is one of the worst states in the country when it comes to uninsured drivers, taking the ignoble seventh place on the national list. Based on statistics from 2019, approximately 19.5% of drivers in Alabama don’t have active insurance on their vehicles.

What happens when an uninsured driver hits you?

If someone without insurance causes a crash, there may still be protection available for you. Your own motor vehicle insurance policy may pay for some of your losses if you have uninsured and underinsured driver coverage.

If you do not have this extra coverage, then you may need to explore taking the other driver to court. A civil lawsuit could help you recover your losses ranging from the cost to replace your vehicle to months of lost wages because you couldn’t work. Otherwise, you will be the one left to pay all of those crash-related bills.

Knowing what protections exist after a motor vehicle collision can help you reduce the impact the crash has on your life and your family.