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The severe danger of underride accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2022 | Trucking Accidents |

There’s always a danger when driving around 18-wheelers. This danger is mostly due to their size and weight, but the height of the vehicles also has a serious impact. This is especially true in underride accidents.

An underride accident happens when the car becomes wedged under the trailer being towed by the truck. Sources note that there are hundreds of fatal underride accidents every single year.

What makes this more dangerous?

An underride accident increases the danger for numerous reasons, the primary one being the fact that the underside of the truck crushes the passenger compartment – or the top – of the car. This means that things like crumple zones and airbags are essentially useless. The car is being crushed from the top as it slides under the trailer.

Another danger that this creates is that people can become trapped in the car and it’s very hard for rescue teams to free them. Even someone who survives the initial impact may be trapped for so long that they pass away from their injuries. It’s simply not as easy to access the vehicle as it would be in a more normal accident where two vehicles have collided fender to fender.

Have you suffered serious injuries?

Underride injuries often impact the head, spinal cord and chest, and so they can be incredibly serious. If you have catastrophic injuries after a crash, you must know how to seek compensation for your medical bills. Remember that these could be extensive – not only at the time but in the future. You need to know the full costs of the crash and consider how to get the coverage you need from the truck driver or perhaps the trucking company itself.