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4 common eye injuries in auto crashes

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

It’s devastating to end up in an auto crash that damages your vision. You may be unsure of what you can do to improve it or if you’ll ever be able to get your sight back.

It’s unfortunately, the reality that many people suffer from eye injuries in auto collisions, and those injuries do have the potential to permanently damage the eyes in some cases. Here are four kinds of injuries that might occur and what you can expect if you suffer from them.

Detached retinas

The first type of eye injury to know about is a detached retina. This injury tends not to be painful, but you may have blurry vision, see flashes of light or have impaired peripheral vision. A torn or detached retina is serious and requires immediate emergency surgery to prevent permanent vision loss.


Another eye injury is called hyphemia. This happens when blood collects between the cornea and iris. It’s common to have pain with this condition, and the eye will appear red. Most cases of hyphemia will resolve over time, but some cases can be serious and do require emergency care.


Lacerations, or cuts, to the eye should be taken very seriously. Damage to the cornea or other areas of the eyeball may require surgery.

Orbital fractures

Finally, there are orbital fractures. These fractures are breaks in the bone that surround the eye socket. There are several kinds, some of which are minor and require conservative treatments and others that are serious and require surgery.

These four types of eye injuries can put your vision at risk, so it is important to let the emergency team know if you’re having problems with your vision at the scene.

You deserve appropriate care after being hurt in a car crash

If you suffer eye injuries in a car crash, there is a chance that you could have permanent damage and vision loss. It makes sense to want to hold the at-fault driver responsible for their actions and for causing these injuries. A personal injury claim may help you do so, so you can focus on healing with the financial support you need.