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The driver isn’t always to blame when a big rig causes a wreck

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2022 | Trucking Accidents |

When a big commercial truck crashes into a smaller passenger vehicle, the consequences can be extreme. Semi-trucks can leave smaller vehicles unfit to drive and cause severe injuries to their occupants.

The bigger vehicle is the one at fault in just over half of crashes that take place involving big trucks, according to federal crash data. When the big vehicle is the one that causes the crash, the driver isn’t always the one ultimately to blame.

In 87% of the crashes caused by big trucks, a mistake by the driver is ultimately the reason. However, in the remaining 13% of crashes caused by commercial trucks, the driver isn’t the one to blame. 

What causes commercial crashes other than the driver?

When you look at the data about the collisions that are not the driver’s fault, 3% of them have to do with the environment, such as problems with the roads or weather conditions. The other 10% has to do with the vehicle itself.

Improper vehicle maintenance could increase the likelihood of a crash. It may also mean that the trucker’s employer, not the driver is ultimately to blame. Other times, the crash may have occurred because a client improperly loaded the trailer. In those scenarios, people hurt in a trucking crash could potentially claim the business whose mistake contributed to their injuries.

When you consider how catastrophic crash injuries can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical needs, you may appreciate the benefit of having more than one source of potential compensation. Seeking reimbursement for your losses after a commercial truck collision requires patience and an understanding of the civil justice system.