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What makes city driving more challenging?

On Behalf of | May 1, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

If you mix your driving between city and countryside, you probably feel that driving in town is more stressful. You need to pay more attention to avoid a crash. While country roads also have issues like wild animals, unmarked junctions, and people traveling at higher speeds, towns and cities can be a lot harder for drivers to navigate.

Understanding the special challenges urban driving presents can help you avoid a collision. Here are some things that complicate urban driving:

  • More vehicles: The more drivers there are, the greater the chance that one of them does something wrong that causes a crash.
  • More intersections: When vehicles flow across each other’s path, crash prevention relies on everyone keeping an eye on several directions at once.
  • More pedestrians and cyclists: Distances to schools, stores and other services are shorter in town, so many people opt to travel by foot or bike. There are massive advantages to this, but it is crucial to realize that these road users are harder to see than those in cars and much more vulnerable.
  • More impatient drivers: Rural drivers are less likely to get caught up in traffic, and combined with the pleasant scenery, it can help them stay relaxed when driving. Those in town are more likely to be stressed due to the noise and bustle and the increased chance of traffic jams.

If you suffer injuries in a car crash, you will need help to consider all the factors that may have led to the collision. Understanding what the other driver did wrong will be crucial to getting the compensation you need.