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Car wrecks can result in severe nerve damage 

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

The nervous system plays a vital role in sending impulses to organs and muscles throughout the body. Much of the actions we do every day are almost automatic, but the nerves are working behind the scenes all the time. During a vehicular collision, these nerves can be damaged, which can be debilitating for the individual on the receiving end. 

There are different categories and severities of nerve damage, which will be discussed in further detail below. 

Milder nerve damage 

Milder nerve damage is commonly referred to as Neuropraxia. This occurs when the nerves are compressed (usually temporarily) which means they can no longer send signals effectively. With the appropriate medical treatment, patients often make a full recovery within a few months. 

Serious nerve damage 

When the nerves themselves are damaged, this is a much more serious issue. Axonotmesis typically occurs during crush injuries and severe bone fractures which damage the axon of the nerve. While a full recovery is possible, it can take several months of rehabilitative treatment. In more severe cases, the damage is irreparable and the victim can be paralyzed. 

The most serious type of nerve damage occurs when the axon is completely severed. In these cases, even with surgery, it is unlikely that the victim will fully recover their senses. 

If you’ve suffered any type of nerve damage during a crash, you may be entitled to legal compensation. A lot of this will depend on whether negligence was at the heart of the collision. Seeking some guidance will help to clarify your options