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Motorcycle accidents: Crash fatality statistics for bike riders

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Motorcycle accidents occur for many reasons. Sometimes bad weather makes a crash unavoidable. Other times, traffic conditions or even bike operator errors cause an accident.

Negligent motorists can also cause a motorcycle accident when they violate traffic laws. A thorough review of recent bike accident statistics can help you avoid hazardous roadway circumstances.

Fatality data from 2020

It takes time for government agencies to process and publish accident statistics. In 2020, the most recent year studied, nearly 5,580 people died in fatal motorcycle accidents. That is an 11% increase from the fatality total in 2019.

More bike crash fatality statistics of note:

  • Over 90% of fatalities were male
  • Half the fatal accidents occurred on weekends
  • About 60% of these crashes arose in urban areas
  • Most of them happened between May and September

Motorcycle enthusiasts should consider practicing extra caution when riding after 6 p.m., especially during weekends.

Bike riders dread certain situations

If you want to further improve your road safety, learn about some of the traffic circumstances that serious motorcycle riders fear. Examples include:

  • Gravel in blind corners: Keep a sharp eye on road conditions
  • When a vehicle enters your lane: Always watch the patterns of cars and trucks
  • When a car door opens: Avoid driving in between parked cars and active road lanes
  • Left-turning vehicles: Do not take your eyes off moving or stopped traffic (especially at intersections) 

Staying alert and watchful can help you avoid many dangerous situations associated with motorcycle accidents. If you sustain severe injuries in an accident despite your caution, explore the injury compensation laws in Alabama. Taking this step ensures your claim addresses all the damages (catastrophic personal injury, property damage, etc.) you suffered in the crash.