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3 things to know about spinal cord injuries

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2022 | Catastrophic Personal Injury |

A spinal cord injury is possible when you’re involved in a car crash. These injuries don’t require that you hit your back. Instead, the violent impact can lead to damage to the delicate spinal cord. Anyone with back pain should have an immediate medical evaluation to determine if anything serious is going on.

The future may seem scary for those diagnosed with a spinal cord injury. Learning a bit about these injuries may be beneficial.

Some injuries heal better than others

Incomplete spinal cord injuries are associated with more favorable outcomes than complete injuries. Incomplete injuries still have nerves attached at the site of the injury, but complete injuries don’t.

Effects occur below the site of the injury

Damage to the spinal cord will produce effects below the level of the injury. Because of this, injuries to the neck and upper spine will have greater effects than those to the lower back area.

Therapy can help some symptoms

Therapy can help you learn how to cope with the permanent effects of the injury. There are different types of therapy that you might benefit from. Physical and occupational therapy are two of the most common. Some people also use aquatic or equine therapy.

Anyone who suffers a spinal cord injury in a vehicle crash should ensure they get proper medical care. Failing to do this could lead to worse damage than what’s already present. They may also opt to pursue a claim for compensation if the injury is due to their negligence. Your time to do this is limited by Alabama law, so be sure you act swiftly.