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2 times businesses may be liable for Alabama drunk driving wrecks

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2023 | Drunk Driving Accidents |

Liability in a drunk driving situation is often quite easy to establish. It is illegal and obviously unsafe to drive in a chemically-altered state, so the drunk driver is almost always to blame for the crash. Both people injured by a drunk driver and those who lose a family member in a collision caused by someone impaired at the wheel can potentially request compensation for the losses they endure.

However, the people who cause crashes may not always have the personal resources or insurance coverage necessary to fully compensate the people they harm. A lawsuit, even if successful, may not result in the payment of their expenses. Sometimes, people need to look into claims against other parties after a drunk driving crash, possibly including a claim against a business.

When might a company be responsible for an individual’s drunk driving crash?

1. When the driver got drunk at an Alabama bar or restaurant

State law creates very clear rules for the distribution of alcohol in a business setting. Businesses should not serve minors, nor should they serve those who are already visibly under the influence. When staff members at a restaurant or bar break liquor service laws, the business could have liability for any serious incidents that occur.

If the drunk driver who causes your crash over-consumed at a bar or restaurant before the wreck, you may have grounds for a dram shop claim against the business that violated state alcohol service rules. They will have insurance and also more assets to help pay for the costs you incurred.

2. When the drunk driver was working

Many companies have workers whose jobs at least partially require driving. Some people drive all day as delivery professionals, while others may drive only occasionally to perform special tasks for their employer, like dropping off paperwork with a prospective new client.

Especially if the drunk driver has a history of problematic driving behavior, those affected by a drunk driving crash could potentially make a negligence claim against the business that hired that individual and paid them to be out on the road.

When you consider how hard it can be to fully recover your losses when you suffer a major injury in a crash, it can make sense that you need to look at all of your options. Exploring different liability rules can help those recently affected by a drunk driving crash in Alabama.