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Is a social host ever responsible for a drunk driving crash?

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2023 | Drunk Driving Accidents |

Alcohol consumption is often something people enjoy most in the company of others. One of the many scenarios in which people enjoy alcoholic beverages is at a social gathering, like a party. Many parties center on the consumption of certain kinds of alcohol, like wine-tasting parties or cocktail parties. Those who provide alcohol as a refreshment for others should do their best to remain in compliance with Alabama state law.

They should not serve those who are obviously drunk, nor should they provide alcohol to minors. However, social hosts frequently break rules about alcohol use and also common-sense guidelines about safety. They may allow their guests to leave when they have obviously had too much to drink or serve those who cannot legally drink.

If an impaired partygoer causes a crash on the way home, the people affected by the collision may wonder what rights they have. Are social hosts ever liable for drunk driving crashes in Alabama?

The law limits social host liability

In some states, a host who provides alcoholic beverages for guests would be responsible whenever a visitor leaves their home and then causes a crash. However, Alabama has rules that limit social host liability.

Specifically, an individual who provides alcohol for others will usually only face criminal charges if the person who leaves their home and causes a wreck is a minor. If those who are old enough to lawfully drink make bad decisions, the person hosting the party has minimal culpability.

Understanding who might be financially and legally responsible for a crash can help those affected by a collision seek appropriate compensation.