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Ozark, AL – One Killed, Another Injured in Collision on AL-27

by | May 18, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Ozark, AL (May 18, 2024) – A woman was killed and a young child injured after a collision in the Ozark area on Thursday, May 16. The incident was reported on AL-27 late that night, around 11:50 p.m. Local reports revealed that the victims were traveling in a Dodge Avenger when the vehicle left the roadway.

The Dodge crashed into a tree off the road. Emergency crews were rushed to the scene to provide the necessary aid to the involved parties. The driver, 23-year-old Kimberley Nicole Ingram of Ozark, suffered fatal injuries in the impact and was pronounced dead at the scene. A three-year-old passenger was airlifted to a Birmingham hospital in critical condition. The circumstances leading to the incident have not yet been determined. No further information on the accident is currently available. Local law enforcement officials are handling the ongoing investigation into the cause of the crash.

We would like to offer our deepest condolences to the family of the deceased victim at this time. Our thoughts are with the injured victim and their family in hopes of a full recovery.

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Ozark, AL - One Killed, Another Injured in Collision on AL-27

Car crashes continue to be the leading cause of death and serious injury in Alabama. Statistics show that a car crash claims a life on Alabaman roads almost every nine hours and ten minutes. In a recent year, there were 872 deadly collisions and 953 fatalities in the state overall. Unfortunately, many people in the state fail to take the appropriate precautions to avoid serious injuries, and over 56 percent of the state’s road deaths include unrestrained passengers. Most of these crashes occur in rural regions and involve drivers under the age of 19. Your life may be affected by the decisions you make following a catastrophic auto accident, so you must be able to build a compelling case with the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney.

After a crash, too much is at stake for your recovery to be left to chance. Your life may be changed by the losses and damages you experience, and you do not want to be burdened by substantial damages or life-changing injuries. When a careless driver leaves you with injuries, you could be dealing with feelings of helplessness and confusion, and filing a claim against a major insurance company can be frightening. You should consult a knowledgeable personal injury attorney to ensure that your case is treated fairly at every turn. To make sure your legal rights are upheld, they can assist you in navigating the claims process.

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