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Trussville, AL – Bicyclist Injured in Crash on Gadsden Hwy

by | Jun 8, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Trussville, AL (June 8, 2024) – On Friday, June 7, a cyclist was hurt after a traffic accident in the Trussville area. The incident was reported on Gadsden Highway early that morning around 11 a.m. near Taziki’s. The injured party was riding a bike when they were struck by an oncoming vehicle.

Emergency crews were quickly dispatched to the scene after being notified of a serious bicycle accident. The injured party was treated by attending medical personnel before being transferred to a local hospital for further support. It is believed that the injured cyclist was in stable condition. No updates on the condition of the involved party have been provided at this time. An ongoing investigation into the cause of the crash is being managed by local law enforcement officials.

Our thoughts are with the injured victim and their family at this time. We hope for a full recovery.

Bicycle Accidents in Alabama

Trussville, AL - Bicyclist Injured in Crash on Gadsden Hwy

Riding a bicycle is a great pastime enjoyed by many people in Alabama. Unfortunately, cyclists have limited protection on the road, even when wearing all the recommended safety equipment. A substantial number of riders are hurt and killed in car crashes each year. Nine people lost their lives and 209 people were injured in bicycle crashes in a recent year in Alabama, according to the Alabama Traffic Crash Facts. That year, cyclists were at fault in over half of all bicycle collisions. Roughly 14 percent of bicycle collisions happen on rural roads, while 86 percent happen on city streets. It can be difficult to achieve a full recovery on your own after a serious bicycle crash. You should consult with a qualified lawyer to pursue a strong personal injury claim.

Because bike riders are so vulnerable and have no protection from the impact of the vehicle other than a helmet, bicycle accidents frequently result in death or extremely serious injuries to the riders. There is a greater chance of accidents on the streets when there are more cyclists. When an accident happens, the rider is in serious danger. The driver and any passengers are usually right. A biker may sustain injuries even if they are not hit. Injuries are not always the consequence of a collision. Occasionally, a cyclist may swerve, lose balance, and collapse if a car veers too close.

A bicycle crash can be a difficult experience, and there is a strong chance that you will suffer serious injuries as a rider involved in a collision. It is always in your best interests to work closely with a Trussville personal injury lawyer who has a proven track record of handling successful injury claims. A competent legal team will be ready to fight for your full recovery and make sure your case is handled properly at every stage. The law office of Maloney-Lyons, LLC has helped many crash victims just like pursue full recoveries, and we are ready to get started on your case as soon as you are ready. If you want to discuss your case with a trained legal team, contact our offices today at 251-225-6105.