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Photographic evidence could help with your injury claim

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Pictures are crucial in an auto accident claim. They provide vital evidence – they can show who was at fault and the severity and extent of your injuries. 

Nonetheless, you don’t need to be a photographer to get quality photos or have a professional camera. A few tips can help you, including:

Capture the vehicles’ positions

You should take photos showing the positions of both cars in single shots. You will need to move a little further to get these photos. Further, ensure you take them from different angles.

Take close-up photos

Close-up photos of your vehicle will document dents, scratches, broken glass, deployed airbags, busted tires and any other damage it sustained.

Capture your injuries

You should take photos of your injuries immediately after the accident. If your injuries are not visible, your medical documentation and test results will serve as your evidence.

Don’t forget the surroundings

It helps to take photos of the surroundings, including traffic lights, skid marks, debris, weather conditions and road signs. Basically, anything that can provide vital information about the accident.

Capture damaged properties

If any of your belongings in the car are damaged, you should take photos of them. You should also take pictures of damaged external properties, such as guard rails or road signs.

Take photos of the other driver’s documents

You and the other driver will exchange personal and insurance details. In addition to writing them down, it will help to take photos of the other driver’s license, registration and insurance information, of course, with their permission.   

If you are involved in an accident, photos can strengthen your claim. You should also consider your options to receive just compensation.